Top 10 Rich Men Dating Sites Reviews In 2020

Although people say that money is not everything, it can buy you love nowadays. As an old, loaded tycoon, you cannot have problems meeting women who want you so badly. Money makes you sexy and more attractive to women. If you have money, plus power or influence, you can have any young woman you desire. Most young women, if not all, will join a rich men dating site just to meet a sugar-daddy.

Additionally, there are women who are equally rich, or at least have a good job, that join a rich dating site because they want to meet a man in their own caliber. These ladies are interested in companionship, love, intimacy and marriage rather than money. So, if you are going to be a member of any of our top 10 rich men dating sites, you have to decide what your motivation is. Could it be money?

If you are not looking for money only, could it be money plus a good relationship that could lead to marriage? Whatever the case may be, we are absolutely sure that you are going to love our list of 10 sites where the richest men can be found. As we all know, well-off people are ever busy and have businesses to manage almost always. So, they need a woman who is equally sharp, focused, refined, educated, elegant and beautiful, of course.

If you think you have what it takes to meet a wealthy man for love, casual sex, short-term relationship or long-term relationship that could lead to marriage, join one of our top 10 sites. Dating rich men is not impossible if you know where to find them and how to please them. Even though they are very wealthy, some rich guys do not act rich. They value simplicity and are able to mingle with all people no matter what they own or where they are from.


Recommended Relationship: All Singles* | male female 52% / 48%

Popularity (Visits/Mo.): 2, 033, 000+

Recommended Age: 30-60+

Location: Worldwide

Experts Say: Millionaire Match provides many different features to those who join and become members. As well, has creative ways for rich people to meet their suitors. In addition to verifying the ages of users, the site also authenticates members’ incomes and photos. Serious rich guys also include their net worth and phone contacts, if they please. As the site attracts even the celebrities, it has a VIP section that is reserved for the rich and famous. After joining, Millionaire Match takes time to review your submission for approval. But it completes the task in just 24 hours. Once your profile is filled up and approved, continue to garnish it with your interests, likes and dislikes....


Recommended Relationship: Rich Dating* | male female 49% / 51%

Popularity (Visits/Mo.): 410, 000+

Recommended Age: 30-60

Location: Worldwide

Experts Say: Established Men is very popular and has a lot of competition. There are several women looking for rich men on this site, meaning that your profile has to standout to capture the attention of a wealthy guy. The website boasts a great filtering system, allowing you to search for lovers by parameters such as body type, age, location, height and so on. Another thing is that when you set your location settings correctly, you can always see who is available or who is online right now, and is available for a date tonight. The site has a great selection of pretty women. Although there are ladies with average looks, their personalities are lovable...


Recommended Relationship: Rich Dating* | male female 55% / 45%

Popularity (Visits/Mo.): 381, 000+

Recommended Age: Over 30

Location: Worldwide

Experts Say:Catering for professionals from across the board, the site is proud of the way in which it determines who will be right for who and will never set up a connection if they are not sure of compatibility. The algorithm used is regularly updated and this will ensure you meet people who are not only local, but regularly use the site and are actively looking for contacts. It is imperative that there is the desire to form a lasting relationship and it is worth knowing that the age of most members is 30+ and around 80% are educated to degree level. As 65,000 join per week, there is going to be someone for everyone....


Recommended Relationship: All Singles* | male female 59% / 41%

Popularity (Visits/Mo.): 120, 000+

Recommended Age: 30-50+

Location: Worldwide

Experts Say: is our #4 choice this website is commonly known as the premier millionaire dating community. Created for men and women, the site welcomes strictly wealthy members. It verifies their incomes and net worth during the registration process. For that reason, you can either meet a lady who is rich or a guy with the same status. There is a person looking for the same thing as you, be it a serious relationship, marriage, love or casual encounters. is idiot-proof and packed with features you might like. There is a three-day trial for everybody and this assists many people decide whether they want to find a millionaire. Since the site’s community is big, your odds of finding someone are high....


Recommended Relationship: All Singles* | male female 46% / 54%

Popularity (Visits/Mo.): 150, 000+

Recommended Age: 30-50+

Location: Worldwide

Experts Say: is our #5 dedicated to matching wealthy men and the beautiful women who want to date them. Age will not be an issue here, but the salary you earn will be. It may be that many men are professionals, but others are more than welcome if their bank balance fits the bill. Once you become a member you will be able to browse the site and start to make contact with other members. As long as you are earning upwards of $100,000 per year, your place is guaranteed and it will not be long before you are out on a date and planning what the next move will be....

#6 Millionairesclub123

Recommended Relationship: All Singles* | male female 66% / 34%

Popularity (Visits/Mo.): 80, 000+

Recommended Age: 30-50+

Location: USA

Experts Say: is our #6 is very popular and has thousands of users. Owned by Patti Stanger, a lady, this site is strictly made for the wealthy people. To meet your soul mate, this is the matchmaking website you should join. It is believable because it began running in the beginning of the 21st century. One of the reasons why it has run for over a decade is because its services go beyond matchmaking. Hence, you will become a better person as well as find true love in the millionaire’s club. Patti is an experienced matchmaker who took after family. Match-making is a trait that runs in her family and this makes her one of the best professionals around....


Recommended Relationship: All Singles* | male female 46% / 54%

Popularity (Visits/Mo.): 85, 000+

Recommended Age: 20-50+

Location: Worldwide

Experts Say: The reason why men and women join is so they can meet a rich partner. While some members are here to search for true love, others are interested in casual encounters. For that reason, you should decide on what you want prior to joining The most amazing thing about this website is that it is totally free. Though it is meant for the wealthy and prosperous people, they pay absolutely nothing to meet and form new relationships. Perhaps you have joined plenty of dating sites before and paid and got nothing. Now it is your moment to join without any financial burden at all....


Recommended Relationship: All Singles* | male female 45% / 55 %

Popularity (Visits/Mo.): 186, 000+

Recommended Age: 20-50+

Location: Worldwide

Experts Say: Joining this website is very easy and quick. After the approval of your account, you can add as many photos as you wish to your account. As well, be sure to add as much detail as the site requires. The has plenty of ways through which you could converse with members, including the chat function or sending emails. The site has what it calls a hookup guarantee. It means that if you don’t manage to meet a new date during your subscription process, you receive another subscription for free....


Recommended Relationship: All Singles* | male female 37% / 63%

Popularity (Visits/Mo.): 26, 000+

Recommended Age: 30-50+

Location: Worldwide

Experts Say: has thousands of members, all in the position of looking for a partner. Some will be looking for long term, others for fun. It has a few layers to it, and each one will allow a different level of contact. This means that you can look around for a while until you find someone that takes your interest and only then are you ready to sign up as a full member. As well as looking, you can check up on who has been checking you out. It is possible to search by location, so you can look in our own area, or if it suits you, look in other parts of the country. Members are crossed matched via social media sites to ensure that they are genuine users and if not, they will be removed....


Recommended Relationship: All Singles* | male female 46% / 54%

Popularity (Visits/Mo.): 520, 000+

Recommended Age: 30-50+

Location: Worldwide

Experts Say: is a website where a user can determine what another user has to pay to make contact with them. Once this is understood, there will not be contact just for the sake of it, but there will be a real interest as the minute contact is made money will leave the account and will continue to leave as subsequent contact is made and messages are shared. One thing is certain and that is that the users of HePays are not cheap and are prepared to pay to meet someone. If you want to stay anonymous that is fine, but not adding a photograph may limit interest....