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#3 Elite Singles Review

If you are looking for someone special, you have a wealth of dating sites to choose from. You will want to be sure that you find like-minded people and don’t want to waste time meeting people just out for a bit of fun, and not interested in a serious relationship. If you want to settle down, and also want to be sure that you are not being taken for a ride, you can look towards sites such as Elite Singles. The highest standards are followed here and there will be no time wasters and every encounter could be the person you want to see more of.

At one time there may have been a stigma attached to looking for a man – or woman – with money and the term sugar daddy was often used to describe the man. Now that has changed completely and it is seen to be sensible to look for someone who is doing well and as a result, there is a rich men dating site that will attract rich singles who are looking for love.

It is obvious to want to associate with people who are the same as you, and nowadays women can be just as wealthy as men. With this in mind, you will find a rich women dating site and the idea is exactly the same as it is when it is the man who is wealthy.

There will be no need to disclose your income, but if it is found out that someone has lied about themselves, it could put their place on the site in jeopardy. The process is clearly set out and very easy to understand. All members will be genuine professional people and matches will be made using a highly scientific formula, taking into account the wants and attributes of both parties. Whatever it is you are looking for will be presented to you and both need to decide to take the next step.


The cost of membership varies depending upon the level of service you want to use and the longer you sign up for the cheaper the cost per month.

  • Free membership – If you join as a free member you pay nothing.
  • Premium membership – As a premium member you will be given full, unlimited access to all site’s features. But there is a price to pay and it entails the following:
    • Premium membership costs $59,95 if you sign up for one month, a 3-month cost, $34.95 per month 6 months costs $24.95 per month but a 12-month membership works out at just $17.95 per month.
    • Premium Plus offers 1 month for $69.95, 3-months cost is $39.85 per month, 6-months costs $29.95 per month but by signing for 12-months it comes down to $19.95 per month.

Note:Payment can be made either by most major credit cards or Paypal, and the full cost for the term selected will be taken upfront.

Features lists

Free Membership features

  • Create a profile
  • Detail what you are looking for in a partner
  • View matches
  • View profile
  • Upload a picture
  • See who has checked you out
  • Favorite

Premium membership Features

  • Profile viewing
  • Mail messages
  • Photographs
  • Get Acquainted- a feature that allows you to ask 5 questions that are most important and also get to see the 5 questions a potential match finds important.
  • “Have you met…”
  • Mobile App.
  • Partner suggestions
  • Tracker – keep up to date with all interactions that have taken place

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