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#2 Established Men Review

If you are a wealthy man looking for a young woman to spoil with your money, join a dating website for established men. It does not matter whether you are a celebrity. The dating sites for affluent men are where you can find your other half. As a matter of fact, any of the sites designed for the rich and famous guys are full of sexy, pretty women who want to meet an established man for a relationship of any kind.

It does not matter whether you want a girl for a casual, few-nights affair or a long-term relationship that could lead to marriage. There is a nice woman in one of the top ten websites for rich men. Your work is easy, since all you have to do is to join one of the leading websites for moneyed and prosperous men. Like other guys of your caliber, write a comprehensive profile and include your net worth.

Women will bring themselves to you, begging to have a relationship with you. There is a challenge, though, as you cannot know who is serious and who is not. If you are not just interested in some girl who wants to have fun, trying to date when you are super rich is risky. There is a big chance that most women will want to be with you just because of money. So it is important to know how to sift through your interests so as to know who is in it for love.

This is if you are looking for pure, true love. On the other hand, if you just want females to have fun with, there are plenty of young women on our top 10 sites who do not mind dating you. If you are a lady reading this right now, and you want to meet rich men for whatever purpose, join the websites we have reviewed here. To start with, learn something about a popular rich guys’ website called


  • Basic membership – If you join as a free member you pay nothing.
  • Premium membership – As a premium member you will be given full, unlimited access to all site’s features. But there is a price to pay and it entails the following:
  • Pay fifty-nine dollars($59) each month
  • Pay one hundred and seventeen dollars ($117) every three months where you will spend $39 dollars monthly. As you can see, when you pay for three months, you save $20 dollars each month.

Note: Payments are sent by PayPal, debit card and credit card

Features lists

Standard membership features

  • You can join for free very quickly and easily
  • Browse as many profiles of other members as you can
  • Searching for members using quick search
  • Add ten photographs to increase your chances of generating interest 20 times more.
  • Create personality lifetime ads and add them to the profile
  • Post comments on the profiles you find interesting
  • Post comments on forum threads.

Gold membership features

  • Chat with other gold members using the live chat feature
  • Initiate chats by sending an email to someone you fancy.
  • To the first ten photos, add seventeen more photographs to enhance your chances of getting loved.
  • Customize your privacy settings.
  • View who is interested in you and who viewed your profile
  • Get an update about new members who are joining now.
  • Participate in forum debates and discussions.
  • Make your profile conspicuous by using your own personal account manager.

Pros – Why join?

Millionaire Match has benefits it guarantees whoever decides to join. To begin with, registration is quick and free of charge. After exploring the website, you can upgrade to a gold membership and start to enjoy features that you couldn’t access as a free member. Since the site’s interface is intuitive, idiot-proof, and efficient, you can locate any features really fast. Above all, has verified rich men who are ready to meet a willing young woman like you.


Since has advanced site features, you can find your date very quickly. First, be totally sure that you want to date a rich person. They will have listed their net-worth on their profile pages, allowing you to decide whether they are wealthy enough for your liking. Being an affordable site, Millionaire Match is a place where your potential for finding true love is so high. So, we could encourage you to join.

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