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#10 He Pays Review

For too long women have struggled on certain dating sites and the more attractive and interesting they were the more unwanted attention they received. They may well want to meet rich men but that does not mean they have to wade through numerous unwelcome requests. More often than not they have left the site and looked for one where they could be a little more in control. It is sad that in this day and age they are still seen as prey and men want to intrude on their online time without giving a thought to what they may want.

It is appropriate that a rich dating site uses a system where it is purely the woman or man involved who makes the decision as to who can contact them. It is a good start to meet this way as it will show if the person you are in contact with is prepared to be serious and not just looking for anyone who happens to be around. It is one thing to be rich, but if no fun is gleaned from having the money what is the point in it? Having fun with someone you care about is vital and while many ways are free, the net is cast much further afield if there is the money to pay for exclusive events and adventures.

With a rich men dating site it is the convenience that is vital. When working hard and making money, there is often little time left for the professional to socialise and enjoy the fruits of their labours. If the local bar is closed by the time they finish work – or at least the only people left at the end of the night are already together, there needs to be a medium where they can meet people at a time that suits them. If travelling is not a problem, then people on the other side of the country or even the world can be contacted.


It is possible to use the site for free as you can set the limit to contact you at nothing. This does mean that you can only contact others who decide to state 0, and if you want to contact those who state a price, then you will need to upgrade.

HePays does charge in a different way to other sites and you can easily top up your account when it is running low. The more money you load up the higher up the rankings you go. Once you reach someone’s dollar minimum you can make contact.

Every message sent will cost $0.01 and ones your account is credited you will become a VIP. Payment can be via credit card or mobile phone.

Features Lists

  • Join quickly and easily
  • View profiles and contact only those who are free members like you.

VIP Membership

  • Unlimited messages can go to free members
  • Members can be blocked
  • High listing within members
  • High listing on the forum
  • Loaded account means getting a place on the rich list.
  • Email notification can be switched off.
  • With more credit than a user’s minimum you can Skype them
  • With more credit than a user’s minimum you have access to “Top Secret” pictures.
  • A loaded accounts earns you a $ badge.
  • Any of your posts will appear in the VIP box
  • Users you have contacted will be made aware as long as you are loaded with more than their minimum.

Why Join HePays.com

This is clearly a site where money talks and this is what members want. Privacy is guaranteed and the site is secure. Users know they will not be inundated with unwanted messages – messages cost money and why waste it on someone who is not interested? It is easy to contact the site administration as there is a feedback form, Skype details and the chance to comment on Facebook. There are more women than men registered and searches are easy to make.

Final Word

Once you know that you want a relationship with someone who is rich it is the ideal site to join. Adding credit is easy and you will be glad this is the site you chose once you are meeting up with the person of your dreams.

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