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#6 Millionaires Club Review

There are women who are filthy rich out there but have not found love. If you are man who is capable of handling such women, there are specific dating websites you can join. It is great to have good intentions though, as you look for sites with millionaire women looking for men to love. Do just date a rich girl to help her spend her money. Rich women are totally generous to guys who truly love them. In other words, if you are genuinely looking to love a rich girl, she will reward you mightily.

She has a lot of money and her sole desire is to be loved intimately. Although there are few who might want casual affairs, most wealthy women seriously want love. They want to form relationships with serious men who want marriage, perhaps. Well-off ladies have everything money can buy and so they are financially stable and emotionally healthy.

When a wealthy girl finds true love, she is capable of being submissive. Some are so desperate for true love that they cannot have a problem loving a less-moneyed man. So, as a man interested in a rich woman seeking man, you should have a lot of confidence in yourself and be sure that you won’t feel intimidated by a girl with more money.

But if you are also rich and want to meet an equally rich girl, all you have to do is find her on a rich women dating site. There are plenty of websites you can find wealthy women, of course, but you need to know that some of them are not good. This is why we have evaluated and reviewed top 10 dating websites for prosperous people. We have accounts with some of these sites and know how they run. One of the best we have seen is the Millionaire’s Club, which is reviewed as shown below.



– The package offers six months of consistent and unlimited dating advice and counseling from Patti Stranger herself. Each session with her lasts 30 minutes. As well, you will be able to date partners from the US and Canada. You have the option to upgrade your 6-month membership to a 12-month membership. Prices are not openly mentioned.


– This membership entails a whole year of unrestricted dating in Canada and the US. As well, you will get 60-minute counseling from Patti Stranger and power to suspend your membership for two months. Finally, you will get dating success tips and lists of instructions from her. No price is available.


– The package offers you all things provided to bronze members. However, there is an additional thirty minutes of coaching sessions. Moreover, you will get an extra hour session to talk to an image consultant and another whole hour session to consult a hypnotherapist. Price is not given.


– The packages offers all the advantages of the silver package. However, you get one more hour of a counseling session with Patti. What is more, Patti will get you the match she thinks is most perfect for you. No price is mentioned.


– This package provides everything provided in the gold one and every other thing you need for assured success in dating. Matchmaking process will be done according to your requirements and this includes the ability to seek partners internationally. Price is not shown on the site.


Millionaire’s club offers other packages as well, and these are paid for. These include The Mixer Experience for 35k, Patti Stranger Matchmaking for 35K, Priority Status for 30k, The Basic Mixer for 20K, Personal search for 35k and The Deluxe Mixer for 30K.


Everybody is a paying member on this dating website. There is nothing like free membership provided here. Additionally, the whole dating scene revolves around the CEO, Patti Stanger, who is a dating coach and professional. As hinted above, you will get a session of counseling with her via a phone call, Skype chat, or face-to-face meeting. Unlike other sites where you choose who you want; the Millionaire’s club operates differently where you are matched with someone.

Easy joining process

Simply fill a form to apply for membership. If you are not a millionaire, you still have your place on this site and all you should do is fill a quick contact form and upload four nice-looking photos of yourself. If your application is approved (standards are very stringent here), you will be told. If the site finds you a match you will be called or emailed.


Are you a millionaire looking for true love? If so, join Millionaire’s Club and wait for Patti Stanger to get you a true lover. She will discover the exact reason why you haven’t found love, correct it and then find you your other half.

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