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#9 Rich Men Singles Review

There are going to be a lot of doubts for anyone joining a dating website if they have never dated this way before. Until they have been around for a while and realised what a good way it is, they can be concerned about being taken advantage of, and this will be the case even more if they are rich. With a dating site for rich people, this will not be a problem as the rules will be known and everyone knows what they are signing up to.

It can be difficult for rich men dating in the real world as often the reason they are rich is that they are workaholics and don’t get enough free time to meet a partner. It is hard to get the balance right and often it is work that wins and while work can be rewarding, there is nothing rewarding about going home to a lonely flat or house. If it is not possible to get out and about to meet people, so the next best thing is to bring the people into your home and get to know them that way. It may be via the internet, but it is a start, and a meeting can soon take place.

It can be the same when it comes to rich women dating as they too may have the pressures of work and in some cases the need to provide for a family both financially and emotionally if they are single parents. Rather than bring a stranger into the family, they can get to know someone well online before they even meet up. If something at work crops up, and arrangements have to be broken it is going to be much easier if both people are in the same position and know that next time it could be them having to cancel.


Is possible to join for free, but you can only wink at people you like – to take things further you need to become a full member.

If you decide to take out full membership, there are a myriad of extra facilities that you can use. The site is fully secure and you can pay by Visa or Mobile and it will show as Venntro Media Group / on your bill

It is possible to join for just a month and that will cost £34.95, while a three-month membership will cost just £23.32 per month. If you decide to sign for 6 months you will be charged £17.50 per month while a full years’ membership will be just £14.58 per month. You can upgrade to full membership at any time.

Features Lists

Free members’ features

  • Wink at people who take your interest
  • Fill out a profile
  • Add a picture
  • Find out about the features on the site

Full Membership features

Once you have become a full member you will have access to additional features including:

  • Send private messages
  • Receive private messages
  • Use instant messenger to chat online with people you are interested in.
  • Check out who has been visiting your profile
  • Add additional photographs to your profile
  • Create a dating diary
  • Read other people’s dating diaries
  • Report profiles that you find to be fake
  • Use advanced search facilities


It is clear that looks after its members as there is a lot of information regarding how to keep yourself safe and how to deal with fake profiles. It is only when you get to the membership stage that you are able to get full use of the site and make meaningful contact with people you are interested in. Free membership allows you to see what is available but nothing else. On this site for rich women dating it certainly seems to be the case that by putting up pictures, you are going to get more interest than you would if you kept your identity totally unknown.

Final Word

Before signing up to be a full member, it will be worth looking around the site and seeing if you are comfortable with what is on offer. As one of the rich men dating online, you want to be fully informed.

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