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#8 Rich Men Review

Rich men are elegant, refined, and very successful. Their dating rules are simple and clear; they look for intelligent and elegant women. These men have been to different nations and are familiar with varied cultures. As a result, they are open to dating any woman as long as she has all they desire.

If your wish is to marry a man who has a lot of money and popularity, then you may be best searching for them online. To be specific, look for a rich men dating site that has lots of rich guys who are looking to get married. Note that most wealthy people have top standards when it comes to dating. They want to date beautiful women and so you had better be. This does not have to be just physical beauty. Inner beauty might be more important to some well-off guys.

You may lack in the physical beauty department, but have a lot of boldness, confidence and talents in business and other aspects of life. Wealthy men did not attain their current status in life by being weak or feeling unworthy and small. They have a very positive attitude towards life and are go-getters. So they will most likely look for a female partner who has similar characteristics. If you know you have what it takes to date a wealthy guy, join a richmen dating site today.

A great rich men site has a simple entry process. You enter such a site by simply filling up a form. Then when you receive a confirmation on your email, the account is now open and ready for use. There is also something about the membership. You can be either a free member or a paying member. As a free member you won’t enjoy the site’s best and most advanced features. It will not be possible.

Instead, you will have to upgrade your membership to even start connecting fully with those you fancy. One of your top 10 dating sites for rich men includes the, which is reviewed below.


Free membership– Joining is free for everyone. But if you choose not to upgrade you remain a free trial member.

Paid memberships-These memberships are offered at different rates. These include the following.

  • Silver membership – It entails
    • o £29.95 – 1 Month
    • o £62.39 – 12 Months
  • Silver membership – It entails
    • o £3.11 per day – Trial for two days
    • o £39.95 – 1 Month
    • o £179.10 – 18 Months

Features Lists

Free trial – You get a 2-day trial period where you access everything. Then if you don’t upgrade you can’t benefit any longer from the use of the site.

Silver and Gold memberships features

  • Join the site for free.
  • Create a detailed profile and add as many photos as you prefer. If you want to add a video to reinforce your written profile, go ahead.
  • View any profile you wish from the thousands available on
  • View members’ photographs when you please.
  • Chat with members with the video chat provided by the site.
  • See who viewed your profile and who is online.
  • Use the email messaging service on the site to communicate
  • Search for members using the site’s basic and advanced features.
  • Add members to your favorite section and get updated when those friends alter their profiles or photos.
  • Buy either gold or silver membership and choose the number of months you want to pay.
  • Use the hookup guarantee feature we aforementioned.
  • Get full-time user support and read the FAQs.

Why is the site the favorite of many?

The most attractive feature offered by this website is the hookup guarantee. It assures you of a whole session subscription in case you met no one during the month you subscribed. Another perfect thing about is the ease of performing a search. The main criteria offered include the basic search, which offers parameters such as gender, age, city, location, photos only, sexual preference, verified only and online now. When performing your search, you can as well use the advanced search option: eye colour, hair colour, body type, languages, income, profession, marital status, race, religion, keywords and interested in.


As a rich person looking to meet a lady with most of the attributes you like, you should consider joining It is a site that is easy to join and navigate. However, you can only benefit the most from this richmen site if you upgrade your free-trial membership.

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