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01-Nov-2016, 01:00PM   Male , 55

Located in: Scarborough, ON, Canada

l have found the woman of my dreams. she has children which l adore. We are dating now but we believe it will result in a beautiful life long marriage .

30-Oct-2016, 04:33AM   Female , 54

Located in: Antioch, IL, United States

We met through e-mail and continue to e-mail even though we live miles from each other.  We both know what we want.  We’ve been in constant contact.  Been wondering where has this great man been all my life?

26-Oct-2016, 06:50PM

Located in: , , United States

I’m taking a break from the site. The site is really good. I paid for many months but it seems that I don’t longer need it because I am interested in someone I met here. Thank you.

24-Oct-2016, 10:07AM   Female , 28

Located in: Thornhill, ON, Canada

The really great part of the story, to me, was that we found each other very quickly. We both decided to try online dating and, within our first week, met each other. We are pretty happy so far.

17-Oct-2016, 02:24PM   Male , 50

Located in: San Francisco, CA, United States

I’m sorry I really would prefer this to be private. I did meet someone and we are entering into a relationship. Hopefully it works out for us. Thank you for a great website!

17-Oct-2016, 01:15AM   Female , 51

Located in: Bolton, England – Greater Manchester, United Kingdom

Met an amazing man on here ,old school charm,We started chatting on here and hit it off straight away we have lots of things in comman .We live miles apart but we are willing to give it ago

 14-Oct-2016, 07:42PM

Located in: Loma Linda, CA, United States

Good Evening MillionaireMatch Customer Service:

Guess what…I’m the happiest girl on the planet right now!

I’ve found my Millionaire Match, and want to thank you for your service in the time that I was a member.

I can’t ask for anything more; therefore ask you to “Cancel” my subscription. Also, please remove my profile and pictures from public view. Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

Ruth T Cervantez

 12-Oct-2016, 08:23AM   Female , 54

Located in: los Angeles, , United States

I met an incredible man through a female member from this site, though we haven’t met in person we’ve been talking over 2 weeks   by phone.  We’re smitten.He travels big as a business man and we can’t wait to meet in a few weeks when he’s back in his home town los Angeles THANK YOU MM!!!!! it’s a wrap!

Advice to other members: Some things are meant to happen no matter what. My 3month membership was up.but my hope wasn’t and I wasn’t aware that my profile and picture was still in the site, to my surprise I received an emai one morning that changed my life. Be patient and cool, be who you are and please be honest. We plan to meet In person I a few weeks,  best wishes and please don’t give up

 07-Oct-2016, 01:11AM

Located in: California, , United States

I found my match, thanks for your services, it really worked out for me. I have not been using your service for some time and I read or at least I thought that I read that when I hid my profile there would be no further charges. Thank you for your services. I have found my match. Paul Norwood

 04-Oct-2016, 10:47AM   Male , 29

Located in: Roseville, CA, United States

One day when I was driving home from meeting a friend I pictured in my mind exactly what I wanted in a women and also what I wanted in life. When I got home there she was in my inbox and added me as a favorite! We hit it off over email. We Skype several times and I made a trip one week later to meet her. The trip was beyond what I could have ever imagined. I have never felt this way about anyone.