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#5 Wealthy Men

Online dating has never been more popular, and it is now easier than ever to find exactly the sort of person you are looking for. If you want to be able to date rich men, then there is a site that will give you the chance to do just that. Wealthy men work hard to make their fortune and then find they have a lot of money and no one to spend it with. It is at this stage that they will sign up to a dating site that will be able to give them access to some of the most beautiful women in the country.

They want to be able to meet the woman of their dreams and yet too often work gets in the way. Thanks to a wealthy dating site, everything is arranged and the men are able to make contact and not miss a lot of time at work. It will not matter what profession is followed, as long as the salary is high enough, there will be someone who can’t wait to start a relationship. The women who have joined the site include models, beauty queens, and a wide range of pretty girls.

In the same way that some men struggle to mix a private life with a hectic schedule, there are many women in the same position. Their workload is preventing them from spending a night on the town and they too will be looking for love online. When it is rich women looking for men, the process will be just the same as there are plenty of attractive and single men who can’t wait to date them. By placing their profiles online, and being honest about what they want from a relationship, a lot of rich men and women are going to find their soul mate without a lot of fuss.


At the moment it is possible for both men and women to have full access to the site for a week for just $9.95. After that there will be the need to pay an increased fee for full access.

Free Membership:

Once the free trial has finished, it is still possible to use the site free of charge, but not all of the features will be available. You will be able to create a profile and post general information including body type and salary range and also post up to 6 pictures, but will not be able to make contact with others or see all of their profile.

Paid Membership

There are 2 levels of paid membership – silver and gold. They have all the features that the free membership has, and then extras. Silver Membership costs $19.95 per month for a three-month membership or $16.99 per month for a six -month membership. Gold membership is $34.95 per month, $22.99 per month for a three-month membership or $19.99 per month for a six-month membership. It is possible to pay the fee by credit card, debit card or Paypal and payment must be in full.

Features lists

Free Membership features

  • Ability to search the membership site
  • Browse other users by using filters.
  • See part of the profile of other users.

Silver membership features:

  • All profiles can be viewed in their entirety
  • Messages can be received
  • Messages can be sent
  • Involvement in the exclusive members’ area

Gold membership features:

  • See all photographs
  • Access complete profiles
  • Make contact with other users
  • Accept contact from other users
  • Feature high up on the list for search results
  • Have profile highlighted
  • Receive priority service

Why Join Wealthymen.com?

There are many reasons to join the site, but the main one is to ensure that the man you meet is wealthy as applicants will be screened. For the man you can be sure you have what is wanted. Security is tight, so there is no need to be concerned that your details will end up in the public domain. Due to the pricing structure, the only people likely to join are those who are seriously looking for a partner and not just a bit of fun. With upwards of half a million users, the chance of success is extremely high. It has been in existence since 2002 so it will have ironed out any little issues there may have been at the beginning.

Final Word

If you are ready to settle down and know what you want out of life, then Wealthymen.com. Membership options are varied and the membership database extensive.

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